Hedge Calculator: How to hedge your bet

If you’re a sports gambler, you’ve faced this question numerous times: How much should I hedge?

With the Bobby Bucks Hedge Calculator, the answer to that question is just a click away.

How to hedge

The calculator is simple but powerful.

  1. Enter your initial wager.
  2. Enter the amount you will win if that wager wins.
  3. Enter the odds for the other outcome.
  4. Hit “Calculate Hedge”.

The calculator will then spit out the exact amount you should bet in order to maximize your profits (or losses) no matter the outcome. This tool can be incredibly useful for hedging futures bets as well as live betting.

Hedging Futures

If you bet $100 on the Carolina Panthers to win the Super Bowl at the start of the season, you would be looking at a $4,000 win if they win the Super Bowl. If you wanted to watch the big game stress free, with a guaranteed profit regardless of the results, you could use the hedge calculator.

The Broncos’ moneyline is currently at +204.

Go to the hedge calculator and enter in “100” as your initial wager, “4000” as initial potential winnings, and “204” as odds for potential hedge.

The calculator tells you to bet $1,348.68 to ensure that no matter what happens in the game you’ve locked in a profit of $2,651.31.

 Hedging Live Bets

One of the most profitable betting strategies can be betting moneylines in a live sporting event. Basketball is notorious for being a game of runs. Often times one team will go on a 8-12 point run only to give up a similar sized run right back.

During these runs, the moneylines will fluctuate wildly. If you pick your spots, you can find great value amidst these runs and end up locking in a profit using the hedge calculator.

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